Delta Trading BV - Products

  • Our product range, new and second-hand engines, spare parts and equipment, is carefully selected.
  • Reconditioned parts/engines are inspected by surveyors of several classification societies, during and after reconditioning and are supplied with detailed reports and certificates.
  • All parts/engines are repaired according makers specification.
  • We work with a large engine- and parts specification data-base, that guarantees that the correct parts are delivered.
  • Our strength, is our good relationships with European specialists.

Stock Preview

SOLD Reintjes WGV 502 SOLD

Reduction I = 4,560
2400 hp @ 1000 RPM
clockwise clockwise

MWM TBD D 234 V 8 Major Parts

Cylinder block recon
Crankshaft recon

Sold MaK 8 M 551 AK, Engine, 55438, 1980 Dismantled for parts

3840 kW at 425 rpm
310 crankshaft
ref 102515