Delta Trading BV - Marine Gears

Delta Trading BV supplies marine gears.
Delta Trading BV stocks new and second hand engines and parts.
    • Marine gears new and second-hand:
      • Reduction gears
      • Reverse reduction gears
      • Flexible couplings
    • Spare parts:
      • Bearings, roller- and plain bearings
      • Clutches, friction discs
      • Couplings
      • Gaskets and seals
      • Service and repair:
        • Reduction gears
        • Reverse reduction gears

Stock Preview

MWM 345 - 500 TRH TBD Valves inlet/exhaust SOLD

Complete valves with new valves, seats rotocaps and guides
6.500.3.760.002 (exhaust)
6.500.3.760.001 (inlet)

Deutz BA 8 M 816 Crankshaft recon standard size

Reconditioned 119,oo mm & 98,00 mm
Including packing, Lloyds survey report

SOLD Mak Duplex Luboil pump Fully Reconditioned, Rickmeier R6/136

Q=510/580L, N=1500, P=8-3 Bar
Werdohler Pempenfabrik Rickmeier
Ex 6M551